4 good reasons for coaching and professional feedback:

Keeping Work-Life Balance Under Pressure

Professional life continually demands excellence from us. Therefore, to complete a task, calmness as well as strength and clarity are needed. Coaching and professional feedback at regular intervals will help you feel good, and often leads to more clarity, determination and success. Your work can, and should, bring you both joy and fulfillment.

Expanding Vision – During Challenging Times

We all have blind spots, and can all get caught up in them from time to time. Even if people around us notice we are in a blind spot, when we have our blinders up, we may not be able to see it ourselves. This is a very human phenomenon. The challenge is how to deal with it, and how you, if possible, can prevent yourself from getting caught up in it. Coaching and professional feedback can be of tremendous help, since an external person, like a coach or sparring partner, can be essential in learning how blind spots function and how to successfully overcome them.

Getting Ahead By Stopping and Pausing

The pace of today’s society is very fast, consequently it is very easy to lose track. When this happens, it is time to slow down, even though it’s the last thing we might think of doing. Coaching and professional feedback can help you to find your optimal pace, and prevent you from getting burned out. Coaching can remind you of your goals and values, while keeping you on target and in a healthy balance. In effect, it can help you to calibrate and align your inner compass.

Exploring Your Personal Values and Strengths

In business coaching, the central question is: Do our actions achieve our goal? Through exploring our own personal values and what is important to us day to day, we can come to a clearer understanding of ourselves. This may lead to some adjustments which then bring us more in line with our values. Now we experience empowerment – in work, and in daily life.