Group Facilitation
and Conflict Management


While facilitating, I try to initiate a process which triggers the creativity of the participants; all participants will be encouraged to contribute in the process. In this way, the results are supported by those who create them. In order for the results to be sustained, the process itself is at least as important as the goals.

You can benefit from my experience in leading groups and teams, the diversity of methods I have gathered over the years, and the expertise I have gained in the analysis and design of group dynamics.

Core Values

The following values ​​are of central importance in my work with teams and conflict management:

  • Appreciation: acknowledging the intentions and needs of individuals
  • Holistic Approach: awareness of business matters as well as emotions
  • Openness: even small issues can turn out to be important
  • Professionalism: goal-oriented, time-efficient and non-biased


I use elements from a variety of models such as: system dynamics/system board, Harvard Mediation Model, Theme Centered Interaction (TCI), NLP negotiation, reframing and feedback fundamentals, problem-solving strategies, Polarity Management and more.

As well as these effective tools, the people, the matters at hand and the needs of the present situation are of utmost importance. I adjust my work models to the needs of your team.