The Company


My name is Arpito Storms, I am the founder of the company and personally conduct the projects.

I have a network of professional colleagues; I therefore can bring in people from other professional fields when needed.

Training and advanced education in the field of communication, as well as many years of professional experience have made me a reliable partner that remains focused on the objectives of your company at all times.

My goal is to be a true partner to my customers. Communication and soft factor skills are my passion. I have been working successfully in this field since 1991 and have gathered many specialized techniques from numerous trainings and education seminars in Europe and the U.S. Although I have taught many of these techniques in trainings, I also use techniques I have developed and customized myself.

The company operates across the German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), with small to medium-sized companies, including industrial firms, schools, institutions and NPOs.