Flying Coach

Coaching in your workplace, at a location of your choice, or at my office.

You can choose:

Perhaps you prefer to save the time it takes to travel – or to go to a place that you feel comfortable with so you can commit yourself to the coaching work.


  • Business Matters: tasks, challenges, processes, coordination, decisions…
  • Your Roles: as a superior, subordinate, team member, board member, employee….
  • Private Life: self, family, friends, health, finances, work-life balance . . .


  • Individual coaching: Between 2 and 4 hours
  • Team coaching: Between 2 and 6 hours
  • Multiple-day intensive processes available upon request

Structure of the coaching process:

Pilot Session: A free of charge, no-obligation initial interview of about 1/2  hr

  • We get to know each other
  • You briefly describe your concerns
  • I tell you about the way I work, the terms and conditions
  • We discuss possible first steps


Then you can decide in your own time if and when you want to undertake the coaching project.

First Coaching

Duration: 2 to 4 hours

  • Thorough assessment of the actual situation; desires, goals and obstacles
  • Determination of the issues, coaching topics and priorities
  • Addressing the first coaching topic
  • Possible measures needed
  • Planning: determining goals, and intervals between coaching sessions

The subsequent coaching sessions

Duration: 1 ½ to 4 hours

  • Review: Discussion of the effects (short term and long term) of the measures taken so far
  • Discussion of any new issues
  • Choosing the next coaching topic
  • Possible Measures needed
  • Planning: possible adjustment of the goals, and/or intervals between coaching